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Auction: (1223) All EAS Ltd

Lot 1: (Esab 4 Head CNC Portal Profile Burner With Plasma Unit)

Type Suprarex SXE-P 4000, Serial No 89389, MFD 1989, CNC Control Esab Hancock NCE 510, Capacities Long Traverse 7650mm, Track Length 9000mm, Positioning Speed 6000mm/min Cutting Speed 50 – 6000mm/min, Cutting Thickness 1 Torch 3 – 300mm, 2 Torches 3 – 200mm, 4 Torches 3 – 150mm, Distance Between Frames 3800mm, Maximum Distance Between Cutting Torches 3600mm, Wet Type Cutting Tray 4330 x 3000mm, Complete With 3 No Powered Rise & Fall Gas Torches, 1 No Powered Rise & Fall Plasma Torch, Mansfield PA50 Plasma Unit, Electrics 220v, 1ph, 50 Cycles for Machine, Electrics 380/440v, 3ph, 50 Cycles for Plasma, Approximate Dimensions 9000 x 5000 x 2600mm, Approximate Weight 8000kg

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Winning Bid: £11700

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