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Location: Stockton on Tees

Sale Date:22nd November

Location: Stockton on Tees


Model ZB300, Version G/GV, Serial No 104708, MFD 2009, Capacities Minimum Weight Measured 3kg, Maximum Weight Measured 450kg, Maximum Load per Pedestal 225kg, Minimum Distance Between Support Bearings 180mm, Maximum Distance Between Support Bearings 1050mm, Maximum Rotor Diameter Over Bed Plate 1000mm, Bed Plate Length 1800mm, Minimum Rotor Journal Diameter 5mm, Maximum Rotor Journal Diameter 100mm, Motor Power 2.2kw, Motor Speed 1440rpm, Driving Pulley Diameter 50/75mm, Maximum Rotor Driving Diameter For the Belt 300mm, Instrument Measurement Speed 90 ÷ 10000 rpm, WN² Max 200 x 10˄6 WN², Unbalance Measuring Certitude 2 g.mm, Minimum Achievable Residential Unbalance 0.3 g.mm/kg, Unbalance Reduction Ratio With One Spin ≥ 95%, Electrics 415v, 3ph, 50 Cycles, Total Power 6kw, Complete With Interlocked Cage, Approximate Dimensions 2400 x 600 x 1700mm


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