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Model OD1 MK2 14/54 #75, Serial No P33797, Capacities Spindle Taper 5MT, Spindle Speeds 22 – 1000rpm, Quill Traverse 14”, Feeds 0.051 – 1.016mm/rev, Column Diameter 14”, Spindle to Base 1400mm Maximum, Spindle to Base 500mm Minimum, Graduations Inch / Metric, Complete with Hydraulic Locks, Quill DRO, Loose Box Table, Coolant, Safety Brake, Quill Fine Hand Feed,
Electrics 415v, 3ph, 50 Cycles, Spindle Motor 7.5 HP, Approximate Dimensions 2250 x 950 x 3030mm, Approximate Weight 4500kg


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Location: Stockton

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